NEW BEGINNINGS/ Mindful Eating with Yoga January 2015
​ At the Yoga Room Sat., Jan. 10. 11:00
In controlled studies research has shown that the practice of
Yoga helped participants became mindful of what they were eating.
Compared to the others that were not practicing Yoga, the Yoga group managed to lose weight.
Jan. 10th Free Intro to the class. 

The Yoga Room is closed 12/24-28. 
Open 12/22, 12/23, and beginning again on 12/29.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 4:30-5:15
Begin with a special offering for December: 6 classes/$45.00

Thursday, January 8th, Location: Parks and Rec. at 16th and MLK
 WEIGHT-THE REALITY SERIES with Denise Wooley 1/8, 10-11:30 FREE! 
Call 554-9520 by January 5th to register. Yoga will be offered at 11:00 at each session with Suzi. Call Suzi for info at 559-1409. 

 Parks and Recreation on going: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 Mat Yoga
at 16th and Martin Luther King, behind Margaret Hank Church
Added: Parks and Recreation in conjunction with Health Dept.
Chair Yoga for Arthritis, Wednesday, 12:30​ next class is January 7

Yoga Flow by Suzi
Yoga postures are scientifically designed to move the body
for functional activities and stamina.  Techniques and 
tools to enhance your workout level are specialized for each student. 
Every week day morning at 9:30 -  Saturday @ 10:00 

Yoga Mix by Suzi
  Eclectic mix of stretch, strength and tone. 
 A workout that combines large and small 
muscle groups to get your body in shape fast!
All levels!
Tuesday AT 5:30
Thursday AT 5:30

Core Bar by Suzi
Bar classes combine Pilates, Yoga and Ballet.  
Lengthen and stretch with Bar bands and 
tighten the core with Ball exercises.  Hand weights used to 
lift buttocks, slim thighs, and tighten arms and abs.
MONDAY @ 5:30 
FRIDAY @ 4:30

Cross Train for Flexibility and Strength 
 Great for Seniors and Beginners
Enhance your strength and flexibility 
with light weights, bands and yoga stretching. This is a fun,
social class that works both the mind and the body. 

Wednesday-- Meditation in Motion 4:30 
Meditations practiced written by authors Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain

$90.00 Unlimited classes for the month 
Other Choices for 6 week program
( good for 6 weeks from time of purchase)
6/ $55.00
10/ $ 88.00
12/ $ 95.00
2 months unlimited $170.00
3 months unlimited $ 255.00

9:30 YOGA FLOW 55M.  
11:00 Crossfit for Seniors 45M.
4:30 Beginners Yoga!
5:30 Core Bar.  All levels 50M.

Tuesday and Thursday
9:30 Yoga Flow 
11:00 Yoga at The Parks Center
 4:30 Beginners Yoga 45M.
5:30 Yoga Flow. 

9:30 Yoga Flow
4:3011:11:00 Cross Fit Seniors
4:30 Meditation in Motion
5:30 Core Bar

9:30 Yoga Flow
11:00 Crossfit for Seniors
4:30 Core Bar canceled on 12/19

10:00 Yoga Flow OPEN FOR YOGA 12/20. Free for new clients!
The Yoga Room
150 1/2 Lone Oak Road
Paducah, Ky. 42001